If your customer becomes insolvent, you can make a claim to recover lost money. If the case is already being processed by Euler Hermes Collection, you do not need to do anything. We make sure the case is transfered from our debt collection department to our claims department.

Did you know that the main reason for a claim to be rejected is that it was submitted too late? We do not want this to happen to any of our customers, so be sure to file your claim before the deadline specified in your policy.
Requirements for archiving periods
Your archiving requirements depend on the situation you are in; long-term standard, ie. when your buyer is still operating but has not paid, or insolvency, ie. when your buyer has become financially insolvent and has not paid.
Long-term standard: 180 days after delivery or 90 days after the expiration of Maximum Extension Period, whichever is later.

Insolvency: 10 days after you become aware of the insolvency or 90 days after the date of the insolvency, whichever is earlier. Check the Policy Terms section of your policy for the exact maximum application period.

Download a copy of the claim form from the online portal EOLIS or by clicking here.

Choose the right type of form based on your type of policy.

Complete the form with your and your clients details.

It is important to fill the fields correct.

Attach the form to an email with supporting documentation (statement of account, invoices, orders, proof of delivery, etc.) and add a subject line that includes “New claim” as well as your Policy name and Policy number.

Send the email to: claims-collections.dk@allianz-trade.com

What's next?

  • We’ll send an acknowledgment letter with your claim reference number as soon as your case is registered
  • If we ask for more info, please send it as soon as possible so we can progress your claim quickly.

If you do not use Euler Hermes Collection, you need to follow the process below:

  1. Download a copy of our claim form, which you can find here
  2. Fill out the form, sign and date it
  3. Attach the form to an email with additional documentation (bank statements, invoices, proof of delivery, etc.) and add a subject line that contains "New claim" as well as your policy name and policy number.
  4. Send email to claims-collection.dk@allianz-trade.com

If we ask for more information
Send it as soon as possible so we can process your claim quickly.

What if my customer has gone bankrupt?
When to send us the claim: You must file an insurance claim on your customer within six months from the date of bankruptcy. Note, that the deadline is different, if you have a Simplicity policy, see your policy conditions.

Reporting your claim quickly reduces all unavoidable delays in its resolution, reducing the risk of disrupting your cash flow.

Do I have to do anything when I have filed my bankruptcy/insolvency claim?
Once properly submitted, there is no need to do anything further unless we reach out to you for more information. Our team will submit on your behalf a proof of claim to the administrator / court.

If you receive notices from the bankruptcy estate's attorneys, please forward it to us and we will give you our advice.

The amount we pay when you claim is called the indemnity. The variation depends on the policy you select, how you manage credit terms, the state of your accounts receivable portfolio and your premium target. We promise that we’ll avoid delivering surprises later on.  
In Denmark, our aim is to pay you within 14 days of the date of loss. The same applies to export losses caused by insolvency. If any other factor causes losses in exporting it can sometimes take longer while we check conditions in the destination country.
Yes. We have the technology to give you excellent service and more options for how to work with us.  You can request credit limits, make a new claim and monitor progress on your current claims via the internet with EOLIS, our 24/7 system.  
If you need assistance you can etiher contact your contact person or call us Monday-Thursday 8.30-16.30 and Friday 8.30-16.00
+45 88 33 33 88
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