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Interview with Alexandre Desutter, Senior Manager Surety & Guarantee
In this time of increasing economic uncertainty, getting contracts for construction projects would be impossible without guarantees. Thanks to our guarantees for construction, your customers trust you and you obtain more contracts.We spoke about this with Alexandre Desutter, Senior Manager Surety & Guarantee at Allianz Trade Belux. He is happy to explain the advantages of our construction guarantees
My main role is to analyze the needs of our customers in terms of bonds and guarantees and provide them with solutions adapted to their specific needs. I work closely with established large companies and multinationals in sectors such as construction, real estate, logistics and capital goods, contributing to their success and growth. I maintain strong connections with key stakeholders at senior management, CFO and treasury manager levels, ensuring open communication and a relationship of trust.
Guarantees are crucial in the construction sector because they ensure the successful completion of projects. They provide financial security by ensuring that the work will be carried out in accordance with the agreements made, while protecting the client against additional costs in the event of non-compliance with commitments. Without guarantees, getting contracts for construction projects would be impossible, compromising the trust needed to complete these complex transactions.
In the construction sector, different guarantees are necessary to secure the different phases of a project. The performance guarantee ensures compliance with the initial contract, the maintenance guarantee covers defects after completion, and the completion guarantee relating to the Breyne law is essential for new residential projects. These guarantees are tailored to the specific needs of each project, ensuring complete protection throughout the construction life cycle.
Choosing an insurer rather than a bank offers greater financial flexibility. Insurers, such as Allianz Trade, offer tailor-made bonds and guarantees, specialized management and efficient technology. By opting for an insurer, customers keep their credit lines free and benefit from increased financial flexibility and customization adapted to their specific needs.
Our customers choose Allianz Trade for their guarantees thanks to our financial strength, our long-term commitment, attractive prices and a partnership approach. The speed and efficiency of our services, as well as the personalization of our guarantees, strengthen customer confidence.
  • Helping our clients to carry out their projects by providing them with tailor-made solutions.
  • Contributing to customer confidence by offering guarantees adapted to their specific needs.
  • And ensuring the success of their projects constitute a source of daily professional satisfaction.

By choosing Allianz Trade for your guarantees you are opting for:

  • Tailor-made bonds and guarantees
  • Speed and efficiency
  • A strong financial partner
  • Attractive conditions

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