Fraude Trend report Benelux 2024

Once again this year, Allianz Trade Benelux commissioned independent research agency Metrixlab to conduct a fraud survey in Benelux. This research provides insight into the current state of affairs within the business world regarding fraud.

It shows that Belgian and Dutch companies are still victims of fraud and scams with great regularity: 69% of companies had to deal with fraud attempts in the past 2 years. With digitalisation and AI, fraud is also more often seen as an increasing risk.

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The overall picture that emerges emphatically in the 2024 survey is that companies and organisations are increasingly taking mostly technical measures to prevent fraud. As a result, the number of cases of perceived fraud (attempts) fell by 10% in the 2023-2024 period.

We also see that as a result, companies and organisations increasingly believe themselves to be safe.This is false security because still 69% of the participating organisations experienced internal or external fraud (attempts) during the research period. This does not include the common phishing emails. The idea that a few technical measures will adequately solve the fraud problem is unjustified.

Our research on corporate fraud in the Benelux in 2024 shows that:

  • 69% of companies faced fraud attempts in the past 2 years compared to 79% in last year's survey.
  • Still most fraud is committed by own employees. 56% of companies and organisations experienced internal fraud (attempts).
  • Among the claims, 55% were higher than €50,000. 16% higher than €200,000.
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