Grow your business is what every entrepreneur wants. How do you develop your business in a safe and responsible way? What are the opportunities and risks you will face and how do you plan to respond to them? The domestic market soon becomes too small for many Belgian companies. International trade brings new opportunities but also new risks. Do you really know these new markets, these new customers? Do you really know local culture and regulation?

In these resources, we provide you guidance and we answer your most-asked questions related to growth and export: how to develop your business safely? How to export with confidence? Which guarantees for international trade? …

Discover here our tips in function of your needs:

Our ratings aim to assess the risk of non-payment by companies in a given country, and thereby support our clients in making informed decisions about their international business activity. Our methodology consists of analyzing hundreds of economic indicators, both quantitative and qualitative, to provide the best understanding of the economic, political, business environment, commercial and financing risks.