Opimize your liquidity with a trade credit insurance

Supplying customers on credit has advantages: you can trump the competition or offer more financial leeway to your customers.

However, it can also have a negative effect on your liquidity. By making this delivery, you also create an outstanding receivable. This receivable has a negative effect on your liquidity: it is a debt that will only be paid at a later date. Moreover, you expose yourself to credit risks such as late payment or no payment at all.

Read how trade credit insurance improves your liquidity.

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The right customers

When it comes to protecting liquidity, it is first important to choose the right customers. With a trade credit insurance, you check the creditworthiness of a new customer before doing business with him. We monitor and share with you the financial situation of your customers and prospects. This way, you choose a financially healthy customer portfolio.

Good debtor managment

Unpaid invoices have a negative effect on your liquidity. A trade credit insurance ensures a professional debtor management. Does a customer not pay? Then our collection team will work for you to collect your money. This will save you time, money and energy!

Credit risk cover

Even if you think you have chosen the right customers and have your debtor management under control, you cannot remove all credit risks. If your customer really cannot pay, we will pay out the debt to you. We protect your business from credit risk and you can grow your business safely.

Improved banking facilities

A trade credit insurance offers a better financial stability to your business. This makes banks and investors more inclined to guarantee financing. With better banking facilities and additional financing, you also increase your liquidity.