This new year, we took the opportunity to interview our CEO Milo Bogaerts and our Commercial Director Mike De Bresser about the company's plans for 2019. In this exclusive interview, they explain why 2019 will be the year of communication and how we’ll facilitate trade in the months ahead.

Mike says he is happy when he reflects the past 12 months’ performance across a range of metrics. However, his fellow Dutchman, Milo, is quick to remind him that this is only half the story: “As a company, we always look for the right balance between being proud of our overall results, while acknowledging the areas we still need to improve and explaining how we will do that,” he says.

“For example, we know we can improve on our communication about why credit insurance coverage is sometimes reduced, withdrawn or not given. Certainly, given the economic environment we are currently facing, it’s no surprise to anyone that more companies are looking to protect themselves against the increase in volume of insolvencies.”

This is a journey we’ve already started as part of our True Customer Centricity project, which aims to transform your experience and reinvigorate the connection between us. It involves listening to you – we use a variety of surveys and feedback forms – and ensuring we implement your wishes better and faster.

Part of this involves MyEH, our new online customer portal that will eventually replace Eolis. “It will be much more than Eolis in terms of functionality,” says Milo. “We’re developing it in an agile way in close cooperation with some of our customers and will add functionality in steps. It will be built up throughout 2019, starting in the first quarter, and you should soon see a big difference.”

Milo adds: “We are improving and innovating every day. It is our strong conviction that the only way forward is to digitise our services. Previously, we were only able to deliver 'one size fits all' solutions but new technology enables us to offer customised solutions for every customer in an efficient manner.”

“We do all sorts of things to boost improvements. In fact, with every product idea, we work closely with customers, who participate in a carefully structured way across our projects to make sure we cater to your needs. It’s only by listening to and working directly with you that we continue to improve our understanding of your business needs and priorities.”

Memorably, 2018 was also the year of our 100th anniversary. As Milo says: “Such a significant milestone proves that we have agility, focus and resilience. It shows that we are able to keep customers throughout every possible economic cycle. Our primary goal is always to help you through these difficult economic periods.”

Looking ahead, Milo says: “We know there’s a great deal of uncertainty in the market around the economy and the future of the UK’s relationship with the EU, but we’re determined to be proactive in our service to you and we believe we’re best placed to give you what you need. We’re excited about the future and want to make sure you get the best value for money.”

“We’re here to facilitate trade, not to hinder it. We’re looking to develop tailor-made solutions that set us apart and empower businesses to prosper.”

“If we have a message for the year, it’s that our sights are firmly fixed on tomorrow. So please keep opening and reading our emails and together we can make 2019 a successful year. We’re here to give you confidence and guide you safely through the next 12 months, whatever the year may bring.”

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