Get credit where it’s due

Give your company the best chance of agreeing the right credit terms with your suppliers by sharing your latest company financials with us.

Our market-leading Trade Credit Insurance covers the open credit terms offered by your suppliers, allowing them to trade with confidence and insure against the risk of non-payment.

Our cover also connects your suppliers to our powerful credit risk data, used to optimise their credit control and make informed credit management decisions.

It’s therefore essential we obtain up-to-date information from you; information focused on your business’s latest accounts, liquidity, cash flow positions and projections, in order to properly assess credit risk and the level of cover to set.

For over a century we’ve helped our partners and their customers
grow by safely facilitating B2B trade.

Alignment on credit risk builds trust and longer-term partnerships.
By not relying on publicly available annually audited accounts.
With decisions that reflect your business today.
Favourable credit terms help maximise supply and cash flow.
To share financial information with us either call and leave a message to request a call back, or email us at:
For us to recommend the right level of open credit for your supplier to offer you it’s essential we obtain up-to-date information from you, and don’t solely rely on financial information that’s available in the public domain.
A positive credit insurer review can help to maximise the credit terms offered by your supplier, supporting your business growth by helping to maximise supply and your cash flow.
Credit insurance allows suppliers to confidently trade with other businesses, without the risk of non-payment, regardless of degree of risk. Insurance also optimises credit control through the intelligence it provides and improves banks’ lending confidence.
A lack of up-to-date financial information could result in our insured credit limits being restricted or removed, which could impact the credit terms your supplier is willing to offer your business.
The information is reviewed by our experienced credit analysts and will be treated confidentially. It won’t be shared, unless we’re legally required to do so.

Challenging and changeable economic conditions can increase
the importance of us receiving your latest financial information