Fast turnaround of your credit limit requests is a key part of our service and we want to get even better at it. Every day, we answer thousands of credit insurance applications for our clients.

We strive to provide the most accurate decisions based on the very latest available information to ensure your business is protected so that you can trade with confidence.

What is Client Name Disclosure?

Before taking a decision, we will often need to contact your customers to gather additional information on their company. Having your approval to disclose your company name makes this process much easier.

This is what we call Client Name Disclosure.

What is the main benefit for you?

Imagine you received an unexpected call from a company you don’t necessarily know asking you about business information. How would you react?

Having your consent to disclose your company name during contact with your customers dramatically increases our success rate in obtaining the required information by up to 90%.

By obtaining the required information, we can help you fully understand the financial stability of your business partners and make the right decisions.

Nearly 60% of our clients have already signed up to Client Name Disclosure to speed up the decision process. Have you already signed up?

How do I sign up for Client Name Disclosure?

Signing up is very easy: simply click on the below link, fill out the mandatory details and submit the form:

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