EOLIS is an ‘always on’ technology platform that helps you manage all your trade receivables.  It’s one of our unique risk management solutions.

You have access anywhere and anytime so that your business is always under control. Our in-house experts are available to provide support when you need them.

Fast and secure online system available 24/7
Make your decisions and take action immediately
Dedicated channel direct to our expert support team
Payment delays and defaults by customers threaten the financial stability of small and medium-sized enterprises. Multinationals are also at risk when exposed to the cycle of different markets and dependent on international customers. We recognize these challenges and have created powerful tools and services used by businesses worldwide to defend financial stability and drive expansion. When you make a claim our experts will assist you through our straightforward process. Our unique EOLIS service puts you in control by loading your invoices and debtor contact information directly onto our system. As a global player in credit insurance and fraud cover, this is just one way we help businesses that want to control risk while they continue investing in domestic and international markets.