Bonds for international trade

As an international business, you can rely on us to place bonds in multiple territories via our expanding local office network. We are able to make sure the bonds you require will conform to local practice and support your business. In many countries, our bonds are accepted as an alternative to traditional bank guarantees.

We are able to assist with many local regulatory or mandatory bond requirements in numerous jurisdictions. Our solutions include a wide range of different customs bonds and duty deferment guarantees.

Our wide network allows for the efficient issuing of locally fronted bonds and guarantees across many product segments.

Early start
Bring us in at the beginning so that we can support you through each stage and give you every advantage.

Analyse and plan
As you put your plans into action, share them with us to access our expertise and allow time for preparation.

Discuss the best deal with us and use the terms to improve your own negotiating position.


Finalise the deal
We will set up the arrangements on our side as you put the elements of your deal in place.

Stay in control
You can move your project forward with confidence once the paperwork is signed and the facilities are in place.

Your proposition will be more attractive to buyers. Choose from standard or bespoke wordings so that you and your buyer get the bond that meets both your needs.
Provide your buyer with a financial commitment to supply goods or services as agreed under a contract. We are accredited as a general guarantor for customs and tax bonds.
Access to a range of bonds, including performance bonds, throughout the life cycle of the contract. All backed by our global strength and an AA rating from Standard & Poor’s.

Contact the Surety and Guarantee Team

Your business partners may request guarantees before they will trade with you. You can rely on us to help you build lasting and successful business partnerships with confidence. When you take our bonding cover, we are an independent guarantor and take on the liability for you. Our bonds and guarantees have a high standing based on an AA rating from Standard & Poor's. Our correspondents around the world will use their market knowledge to help you analyse risks and put in place the protection you need. We will propose the best bond or guarantee after careful analysis and consideration of your business and the requirements of any contract you are bidding for. You can rely on us to establish the guarantees your business trading requires for international markets and to gain the trust of your business partners in markets around the world.