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credit risk dashboard

We’re offering businesses a free customer credit risk dashboard

As the global leaders in helping businesses track and manage credit risk, we’re perfectly placed to help UK businesses during times of economic uncertainty.

  1. We’ll combine your customer debt amounts with the intelligence we hold to give you insights into their default risk.
  2. Your customer debt data will be processed securely and confidentially and used for no other purpose.
  3. We’ll also share tailored insights on how credit insurance could improve your bad debt management
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  • Pinpoint areas of default risk
  • Identify turnover at risk
  • Proactively manage customer default

  • Evolution of your average customer risk grade over time.
  • Your debt amounts split by sector.
  • Your outstanding amounts, number of customers and sector, all split by our risk grade.
  • Your customer numbers and debt amounts, shown above and below your average debt amount and split by our risk grades.
  • A heat map plotting your debt amounts by risk grade and sector.