Advanced Payment Protection


What is Advanced Payment Protection?


When you enter new markets, you may find it necessary to pay in advance.
Do you know what happens if you had to pay but the goods and services were then not delivered?

Are you sure your payment will be returned?

Advance Payment Protection has been designed to give you confidence when making deposits or up-front payments, that you will get your money back.


Avoid damage to your cash flow when a supplier fails to deliver goods and services and does not return your advance payment. Political and commercial risks are covered.
Gain access to improved finance terms. Open up relationships with new suppliers and negotiate discounts for advance payment.
Give confidence to your customers. Demonstrate that your supply chain is under control and financial risks are well managed.
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When you enter new markets you may find it necessary to make payments in advance. For some market sectors, such as construction, advance payment to suppliers is essential. But if the supplier becomes insolvent or other hazards prevent fulfilment of the contract you may lose the payment. You can safeguard your business from these risks when you are targeting major contracts and working with new suppliers by using our advance payment protection services.

We provide payment protection solutions that allow you to bid for large projects with more confidence and to complete them without losses. We also provide credit insurance to manage the risk of late or non-payment by your customers.