Tips for Managing Credit & Risk Trading​

Learn how to manage trading risk and protect your business. 

Managing risk in trading refers to taking steps to minimize the potential for loss in investments or trading activities. ​

Our risk management articles will provide you insights into how to manage trade risk to protect your business and best practices of credit risk management. Learn how to manage trading risk and protect your business. ​

Mar 22, 2023

What is Trade Risk? Know About Factors, Impacts, and Strategies

Trade risk refers to the potential for financial loss or negative consequences arising from fluctuations in the value of goods or services traded between different countries. Read the article and know how to manage trade risk!
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a group of people disucssing business growth

Feb 21, 2023

6 ways to Increase Your Average B2B Deal Size

Business-to-business (B2B) transactions often involve large amounts of money, and companies are always looking for ways to increase their average deal size. Here are some strategies that can help you achieve this goal
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domino blocks

Feb 20, 2023

Trade Credit Insurance Cost vs Bad Debts Loss

Trade credit insurance can protect businesses from bad debts arising from customers defaulting on payments. However, is the cost of trade credit insurance worth it? Learn how to compare the cost of trade credit insurance to potential loss from bad debt, and use a credit insurance calculator to make an informed decision.
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Dec 21, 2022

3 challenges for e-merchants offering payment options

As research shows that 29% of buyers opt to abandon their shopping carts if their preferred payment option is not available, e-merchants are hurrying to bridge this gap.
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Corporate risk in the US and Eurozone

Sep 07, 2022

Double trouble? Inflation means less cash and more debt for companies

In the US and Eurozone, cash buffers are waning as working capital requirements and interest expenses rise but sectors now face differentiated risks.
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what is bad debt

Jul 01, 2022

Bad debt protection

Learn about bad debt, bad debt recovery, including its causes and available remedies, how to collect them, and how to prevent bad debt expense in the future.
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Nov 25, 2021

How does business debt collection work?

Discover how to master the process of business debt collection, send a debt collection letter, and learn about external options that can support you.
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Oct 27, 2021

Letter of credit vs trade credit insurance: advantages and disadvantages

What is the difference between a letter of credit and trade credit insurance? What are their advantages and disadvantages and which is best for your business?
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Sep 28, 2021

Bad Debt & What To Do About It?

Learn about bad debt, bad debt recovery, including its causes and available remedies, how to collect them, and how to prevent bad debt expense in the future.
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Aug 18, 2021

How to create a business risk management plan for your company

Learn about business and enterprise risk management: what it is, the main risks, advantages and disadvantages and how to create your process.
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Jun 21, 2021

What is credit control and how to implement a credit control process?

Discover how to implement credit control procedures to trade with your customers safely, better manage your receivables and grow your business.
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Jun 21, 2021

What is credit management and what are its benefits?

Discover what credit management is and use these tips to create or improve your credit management strategy.
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