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Credit Solutions for SMEs

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You may think that Trade Credit Insurance is complex or only suited for large or multinational companies. However, Trade Credit Insurance can be essential to ensuring a small business’ continued success, so is export credit insurance. It can provide powerful information and support that your business might not have otherwise. 
Check out below on how Trade Credit Insurance can help improve SMEs' cash flow and ensure a positive balance sheet.
We all know that running an SME is a brilliant but risky business. This is why in today’s climate of uncertainty, it’s even more important to protect your company growth with cash flow management. Because we know it can be complex, we’ve created a credit solution ebook to help you.

Our complete credit solution guide covers everything from basic knowledge to advanced options:

  • The basics of cash flow management
  • Common cash flow pitfalls
  • A six-step guide to keeping track of your cash flow
  • Tips for credit control and faster payments
  • How to ensure you’re covered if faced with bad debts

It’s a must-have for SMEs who want to protect their business and it’s completely free. Staying in the #SafeZone has never been easier.

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Our straightforward process makes it simple and easy to set up a policy.  Then sell on open account terms to get ahead of the competition at home or in export markets.
Immediate cover will put your accounts receivable under control and protect your cash flow.  Access more favourable terms from banks and other lenders.
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What is Export credit insurance? Export credit insurance helps companies remain competitive by offering open terms when letters of credit or prepayment may have previously been the only safe way to do business. In fact, foreign companies buy an average of 40 percent more when they are offered open terms, according to the World Trade Organization. Export credit insurers protect your sales from political risks, including import/export changes and foreign government intervention. Few companies can effectively compete without extending credit to their buyers. For exporters, getting export credit insurance levels the global playing field. Working with new countries means dealing with new cultures and new opportunities to access new markets and customers. Businesses must know how to credit management, the associated account receivable control methods and factoring that come with exporting products or services work.