Buy now pay later for B2B e-merchants with Allianz Trade pay

Allianz Trade pay

Allianz Trade pay is a payment solution dedicated to B2B e-commerce activities, including

  • a trade credit insurance protection,
  • a digital buyer onboarding solution and
  • instant financing solution through one of our financial institution partners.

With our e-commerce credit insurance, we already offer real time coverage against non-payment risks to B2B marketplaces, BNPL providers and e-merchants. Now, we are going further to support more efficiently the B2B ecosystem. Allianz Trade pay protects B2B e-merchants from the risk of customer insolvency, or the inability to pay.

Allianz Trade pay brings together a variety of innovative solutions that can be combined to suit your needs so it seamlessly fits with your operations and effectively support your B2B e-commerce needs: 
Our API-based solution enables real-time customer credit online, enabling B2B e-merchants to grant payment terms to their buyers while being protected from the risk of non-payment.
When a buyer purchases online, the e-merchant receives immediate payment for the purchase, while the BNPL provider will chase the payment of the buyer. In case non-payment, Allianz Trade provides the insurance cover to the partner thanks to the e-commerce credit insurance. 
This service supports policyholders providing APIs to check the identity of the buyer through checking company information in Allianz Trade’s database around +83 million companies worldwide.
Boost loyalty by offering a superior more convenient online experience.
Increase basket size and online conversion rates with the convenience of BNPL.
With either the instant payment option or indemnification through your policy.
Set-up is straightforward using the Allianz Trade API connector and developer portal.
Allianz Trade gives you real-time underwriting decisions for individual transactions.
Claims are filed using the API and collection is included.
Evolving B2B purchasing patterns fuelled by the efficiencies of online selling are driving a B2B BNPL revolution, with Allianz Trade and our partners at the forefront of this shift.
annual compound growth forecast for B2B online sales this decade 1
of mid-large businesses’ sales
are now online 2
to 40% more spend on average with flexible payment options 3


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