As a large company, you know the importance of optimal credit management. Credit insurance tailored to the needs of your business protects your trade
receivables and guarantees your cash flow and working capital. Thanks to specialized and detailed information, you also make well-advised decisions about new customers and markets.

Protect your company against the largest and most common risks that are inevitably associated with doing business. Our solutions offer you security.

As the director or manager of a company you are faced with the challenge of setting credit terms for both existing and new customers and managing the risk of non-payment. This task can be complex and time consuming. You want to reduce the time taken and you can see the benefit of decision-making tools that mitigate the risk of non-payment when you are targeting growth. As one of the major players in credit insurance, guarantees and fraud insurance, we offer a range of services designed to meet the needs companies. The 360° policy is a tailor-made insurance against the risks of unpaid invoices for large companies with national and international business. With our support, you can focus on building your business with confidence.