Discover why PSE uses our trade credit insurance

Produce Services Europe (PSE) is a company established in the town of Essen (just northeast of Antwerp) that has specialised for over 20 years in the import and export of fruits and vegetables. To support the international transactions and growth of PSE, the company was looking for a trusted partner with the necessary expertise in local markets and support in financial security for international trade.

After consultation with Allianz Trade, Produce Services Europe opted for a custom-tailored  trade credit insurance. By listening carefully to the specific needs and expectations of the customer we could quickly offer an appropriate solution giving the company the assurance that delivered products will be paid at all times, independent of the financial condition of less familiar customers in overseas markets.

The world leader in trade credit insurance thus contributed to the growth of PSE and the worldwide development of its business.

Discover the full story in this video of CEO Line Van Hoecke at PSE or  contact us immediately for an appointment.

Protecting your company has never been so important than now. Especially in this crisis period, you are never safe from the default of payment or the insolvency of one of your customers. Very often bad payments and insolvencies lead to a snowball effect. This creates risks for the cash flow and profitability of your business. A large unpaid invoice can jeopardise the growth of your business or eventually lead you to insolvency.

trade credit insurance provides you information about the  creditworthiness of your customers and prospects, ensures that your overdue payments are collected and compensates your unpaid invoices.