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Freedom to Grow During Challenging Economic Times

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Keen Case Study

Accounts Receivable Protection is important when businesses are looking to grow. Learn how Allianz Trade helped KEEN extend terms to retail partners with protection from Allianz Trade.

Proactively Mitigate Risk and Grow Your Top Line

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Del Campo Supreme, Inc. Case Study

Faced with the often unpredictable business challenges presented by globalization, changing consumer behavior, and key demographic shifts, Del Campo Premium, Inc. added credit insurance to its risk management strategy to proactively mitigate risk as it grows its top line.

Using Credit Insurance as The Foundation of a Safe Growth Strategy

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Weston Forest Products Case Study

Faced with regular market fluctuations, lumber companies need to be particularly vigilant about the potential risks within their client bases. As the foundation of its proactive risk management approach, Weston Forest Products uses credit insurance to accurately monitor its customers’ financial health and protect its business against bad debt.

Expand Market Share in Foreign Countries

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Fall Creek Farm & Nursery Case Study

Managing international business risks and checking customers’ credit became a hassle and slowed Fall Creek’s operations. By leveraging credit insurance and a more effective and faster credit management process, Fall Creek has been able to expand its market share around the world.

An Efficient Credit Management Process Accelerates Business Growth

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Hadco Metal Trading Company Case Study

Hadco Metal Trading Company was missing out on growth opportunities because of its inefficient credit management process. With a custom credit management solution, Hadco has been able to provide more credit to customers, increase efficiency, and take more market share from their competitors.

Political Risk Insurance Provided Relief When A Large Invoice Went Unpaid

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Ronald A. Chisholm Limited Case Study

As Ronald A. Chisholm Limited conducted its regular business of shipping meat around the world, a completely unprecedented, international situation occurred — with the potential to have major financial ramifications. With a political risk credit insurance policy from Allianz Trade, they were able to protect against the unexpected and had relief when large invoices went unpaid.

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