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EcoVadis Silver Medal May 2024

Allianz Trade has been awarded a Silver Medal by EcoVadis, a leading provider of business sustainability ratings, for our advanced management systems for environmental and ethical issues, as well as our robust carbon management system. 

This achievement reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability and sets the stage for our ambitious long-term goals, driving the Net-Zero transition and leading by example in fostering a more sustainable economy and finance. 

This recognition places us in the top 15% of companies assessed by EcoVadis over the past year. 

Clients worldwide
€1,057 billion
Business transactions protected globally
AA Rating
by Standard & Poor's

Allianz Trade is the global leader in  trade credit insurance and  credit management, offering tailored solutions to mitigate the risks associated with  bad debt, thereby ensuring the financial stability of businesses. Our products and services help companies with  risk managementcash flow management, accounts receivables protection,  Surety bonds business fraud Insurance debt collection processes and  e-commerce credit insurance ensuring the financial resilience for our client’s businesses. Our expertise in risk mitigation and finance positions us as trusted advisors, enabling businesses aspiring for global success to expand into international markets with confidence.

Our business is built on supporting relationships between people and organizations, relationships that extend across frontiers of all kinds - geographical, financial, industrial, and more. We are constantly aware that our work has an impact on the communities we serve and that we have a duty to help and support others. Everyone at Allianz Trade is encouraged and supported in giving back to communities around them and sharing the benefit of our skills and resources. As a financial services business, we are especially dedicated to raising the level of financial literacy through our  business Tips & advice so that individuals can live their lives in confidence and security. We are also strongly committed to fairness for all, without discrimination, among our own people and in our many relationships with those outside our business.