• Prevention - what steps can you take to select and monitor your customers to avoid bad debt?

  • Recovery - a customer has failed to pay on time: what should you do?

  • Insurance - what are the solutions available to secure trade and get paid even when your customer fails?

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Is this prospect going to pay my invoice?

Is my customer struggling?

Which markets should I expand into?

Which sectors are at higher risk of insolvencies?

Picking the right markets and choosing customers who will pay you on time is difficult and takes a lot of time and effort.


An online tool that highlights the
export risks and opportunities
across 17 sectors in 70 countries
around the world.

Did you know you could delegate this task and get access to invaluable insights with trade credit insurance?

  • Identify good quality prospects, check their credit worthiness and avoid fraud through our proprietary database and credit checks. Our proprietary intelligence network analyzes daily changes in corporate solvency representing 92% of global GDP.
  • Get intelligence on over 85 million companies worldwide through our powerful predictive analytics and get real-time past-due and claims reporting from our nearly 60,000 customers worldwide.
  • We provide an early warning system when customers might be at risk of non-payment.
  • Stay on top of trends through our market analysis and economic research content: global insolvency outlook, export and sector risk analyses, country collection profiles, etc.
  • Access country specific risk information via our regular bulletins on political, economic and market risk.


"On average, accounts receivables represent 40% of a company's total assets. 1 out of 10 invoices is delinquent."

When a customer fails to pay, there are steps you can take to minimise the impact.

Did you know we can support you with recovering debt?

When all the steps you take haven’t worked to collect late payments, get help recovering both insured and non-insured debt around the world with our best-in-class debt collection service. We handle amicable and judicial procedures.

  • We are skilled and experienced at helping our customers collect overdue invoices. In 2018 alone, we collected £45 million on behalf of our UK and Irish clients.
  • We have a sophisticated international debt collection business model with in-depth knowledge of local legal environments. We handle 380,000+ debt collections per year in 130 countries.
  • We will keep you informed every step of the way and be mindful of your trade relationships. We will seek to protect the goodwill between you and your clients.
  • We act quickly and have a large number of tools at our disposal to research companies and uncover reasons for non-payment. Potential costs are kept at a minimum.
  • If all else fails, our trusted legal partners are ready to act if a case moves to legal action.
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"There were over 17,196 insolvencies in 2019  in the UK (ONS). 2020 insolvencies are expected to be many multiples higher due to the Covid-19 pandemic."

Letters of Credit, Invoice Finance, Factoring, etc.

There are a few tools which can help you manage credit risk and cope when the inevitable happens: a customer fails to pay you on time. Find out more about the options to mitigate against credit risk.

Did you know you can insure against non-payment?

With a trade credit insurance policy from us, you can still get paid when a customer won’t or can’t pay an invoice and all else has failed.

We have the financial strength (AA rating*) to honour our commitments and help protect your business.

We have skin-in-the-game and therefore care deeply about your business and your customer portfolio. You can rest assured that if your customer is unable to pay, we are there to cover for up to 90% of the loss.


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