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Customer Satisfaction Survey

runs from 20th September to 20th October 2023

Dear Valued Customer,


Your feedback in our past Global Customer Satisfaction Surveys have been pivotal to our teams in driving new initiatives to transform our customer service delivery, and ultimately elevating your experience with Allianz Trade.


With this, we are pleased to announce the launch of this year’s Global Customer Satisfaction Survey which will run from 20th September to 20th October 2023.


An email with the survey link will be sent to you on 20th September 2023 by 5pm EST, which will not take more than ten minutes to complete. As a token of appreciation, a coffee coupon will be awarded to eligible customers* at the end of the survey.


On behalf of everyone at Allianz Trade in Asia Pacific, I wish to thank you for your participation and I look forward to receiving your views and comments. Please feel free to reach out to your local Account Manager for more details on this survey.


Best regards,

Paul Flanagan

Head of Region

Allianz Trade in Asia Pacific


*Eligible customers for the coffee coupon will be contacted by our team at the end of the survey to confirm contact details for the coffee coupon.

This survey is administered by Ipsos, an independent research company and your responses will be completely anonymous unless you choose otherwise.

We regret that anonymous participation would result in the participating email address to be unidentifiable and hence not possible to be validated for the coffee coupon redemption. 

Your data may be disclosed to authorized people within Ipsos as well as service providers under confidentiality obligations.

Your data will be kept by Ipsos during 36 (thirty-six) months following the end of the study.