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  • Executive Summary
  • Exceptionally strong growth
    The global insurance industry grew by an estimated 7.5% in 2023, clocking the fastest growth since 2006, the year before the GFC
  • Insurability gets into the focus
    As risks are rising worldwide, the limits of insurability get into the focus. 
  • Closing the gap
    Over the next decade, the global insurance market is expected to grow by an annual rate of 5.5%, i.e., with exact the same rate as the global GDP
  • The next frontier
    Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands to disrupt industries on fundamental levels – from business model to value chain.
  • Track the financial health of your customers
  • Safeguard your cash flow
  • Protect you from bad debt or late payment
Clients worldwide
83 Million
Businesses monitored in 160 countries
AA Rating
by Standard & Poor's
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