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Global Economic Outlook 2023-25: Looking back, looking forward

  • Executive Summary

  • Since our last quarterly economic update in September, growth momentum has been weakening but remained resilient, disinflation is ongoing and interest rates are plateauing, very much in line with our expectations. To build on our September outlook, The last hike?, we updated our forecasts and sharpened our investment calls for 2024 with a twist. Looking back, “there’s no question that 2023 belongs to Taylor Swift” as Forbes put it.  Looking forward, we decided to take Swiftonomics to 2024 just because: Taylor rules! (yes, pun intended). While we identified ten key topics that you should keep your eyes and ears open to in 2024, we matched each and every one of them with a hit song by Ms Swift, and created a holiday playlist for you. Disclaimer: the rest of this report is serious stuff. Happy holidays from the Swifties at Allianz Research!
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