Collect Unpaid Invoices

Our one-stop collection channel that allows exporters to collect payments from all over the world.

Close to 80% of exporters experience unpaid invoices, overdue payments and bad debt from customers all over the world.  Late payments are an unavoidable fact of business life.

Overdue payments severely affect the financial situation of your business by slowing cash flow, reducing inventory turnover, harming credit ratings and even tarnishing your company’s reputation. We can help you reduce your number of unpaid invoices by assessing your buyers before any transactions is made.

Allianz Trade is a valued business partner for companies throughout the world.  With nearly 100 years of bad debt collections experience, with over 500 commercial debt collections professionals worldwide, we now collect 380,000 debts per year. Your guarantee of a global service is our network of offices in 50 countries, including all major economies in the world.  That presence on the ground is backed by close partnerships with lawyers and collection agents in many more territories.  In total, we can reach over 130 countries.
Allianz Trade is a recognized industry leader within the credit insurance and debt collection industries, our name has a significant effect on later payers.  

Allianz Trade is delighted to offer out commercial debt collection solutions at any time you don’t get paid.  Our collection team work in most markets, in any time zone, conduct negotiations in various languages, and deal with the intricacies of any local legal system.   Unlike many agencies, we never undertake consumer collections.  We only collect late payments from businesses.  This is where we focus our expertise, and where we have exceptional experience.

We have what it takes to recovery your money, without risking your all-important trading relationships. 

Here at Allianz Trade a court order is a last resort, not the first step.  If our pre-legal action is unsuccessful, we can carry out legal action on your behalf.

Should legal action become necessary, we can provide lawyers who specialize in the trading laws of the individual country involved.  They will discuss the case with you in detail – in particular the likely cost and time implications of any legal action that you may wish to consider.
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