We’re excited to share an overview of the new features added to our customer platform over the last few months. Because of the valuable feedback you, our customers, have provided, we continue to work on changes to positively impact your experience. Our Overall Satisfaction Score for Allianz Trade Online reached its highest score, since launch in April 2022, with a 4.5 out of 5 for the full 2023 year.

In addition to a revised Quick Start Guide, updated in December 2023, see below for an overview of new features implemented since July 2023 to ensure you’re getting the most out of the platform.


  • You can now set buyer search default criteria, such as preferred country, to streamline your search experience. To access, click on the person icon in the top right-hand of the screen and choose Preferences.
  •  Added filter and sort features allow you to easily view the information you need in the Credit limit details History and Claims sections.
  •  You can now search for US buyers using the Employer Identification Number (or EIN). This new identifier type is available in the customer search section on the Dashboard, when requesting cover in the Risk services section, when reporting a non-payment on an unnamed buyer, and can be selected as your default identifier type in the Preferences section.
  • New security features have been implemented to temporarily block users for 30 minutes after 10 consecutive incorrect password entries and deactivate users who haven't connected to their account in the last 365 days.

Risk Services

  • An alert is now displayed on the dashboard when a temporary credit limit in the selected policy expires in the next 30 days. A new column titled “Temporary amount expiration date” has also been added in the Risk Services section so you can easily manage temporary credit limit expiration dates.
  • You can now print credit limit details in PDF for all buyers submitted on your policy.
  • The credit limit file download now includes an additional column for “Policy Name.”

Non-Payment & Reporting

  • New Claims status updates keep you informed throughout the claims process.
  • The Sales Declaration process has been simplified, now requiring only information relevant to your policy structure.

Be sure to keep an eye out for announcements in Allianz Trade Online about new features. Please also remember to provide your feedback using the Feedback button within the platform so that we can continue to improve your experience.