Make credit insurance work for your business

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A Guide to Credit Insurance [eBook]

"Credit insurance has transformed the way we do business and make decisions.” - Ori Ben-Amotz, CFO of Hadco

The bad news: 1 in 10 invoices will remain unpaid.

The good news: The Guide to Credit Insurance explains how companies can use credit insurance to reliably manage the commercial trade risks that are beyond their control.

But this isn't just an A/R protection tool; it's also a growth engine. Companies of all sizes also use credit insurance to safely sell more to existing customers, or go after new customers that may have been perceived as too risky.

From this guide, you'll learn:
  • Options for mitigating credit risk
  • What credit insurance is (and what it is not)
  • Use cases for credit insurance
  • How a credit insurance policy works
  • Criteria for choosing a credit insurance carrier

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