E-Commerce Credit Insurance

The E-Commerce Credit Insurance Solution For B2B emerchants

E-Commerce Credit Insurance is a trade credit insurance solution that gives B2B e-merchants and buy-now-pay later (BNPL) providers the ability to offer credit terms on a digital platform in real time while protecting their transactions from the risk of customer non-payment.

A radical shift to e-business is ongoing as B2B customers prefer to search online and consider transactions from a website more convenient than what traditional B2B channels typically offer.

At the same time, only a small fraction of B2B sellers can offer real-time payment solutions other than credit cards. This leads to a majority of B2B customers taking their business somewhere not as time-consuming and manual.

Sellers that provide credit terms on a platform—such as E-Commerce Credit Insurance through Allianz Trade—see higher-than-average transaction sizes and an increase in online conversions.

Our solution is easy to integrate and manage:

  • Set up quickly using our RESTful API and comprehensive developer portal.
  • Obtain real-time underwriting decisions for routine transactions.
  • Request higher limits when needed.
  • File claims using the API.
For more details on our API solution, please visit our developer portal:
By offering your customers net payment terms, allow yourself the opportunity to increase the value of your average transaction, acquire new customers and maximize your growth
Real-time credit decisions provide a simple and digital customer experience. If an insured invoice goes unpaid, claims filing is easy via our RESTful API.
Allianz Trade is the world leader in trade credit insurance. We are the first to offer you invoice level insurance for e-commerce via our RESTful API.

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