Check out our guides on how credit limits work, how to apply for them, Turnover Declaration, invoices and more.

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Understanding Discretionary Limits

In some cases, you can justify cover under a Discretionary Credit Limit without having to make an Approved Limit request. Discover how it works and when to use one.

How to fill out your Turnover Declaration

A Turnover Declaration helps calculate your trade credit insurance premium. Find out what information to include and how to avoid common mistakes.

Understanding your invoices

To understand how we invoice our different services, read our guide with example of Collection, Credit Intelligence and Insurance Premium Invoices.

Understanding credit limits

In order to manage your cover and exposure to risk, you need to set credit limits. Find out how they work and how to choose between approved and discretionary limits.

How Client Name Disclosure facilitates credit limit decisions

Discover how Client Name Disclosure – disclosing your company name when we contact your customers – facilitates credit limit decisions. Find out more!

How to apply for a credit limit

Applying for a credit limit is easy through our online portal. Find out how with our step-by-step guide.

6 results

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