EZ Cover taps into the reach of Allianz Trade’ database of more than 85 million companies to make immediate decisions based on existing grades. While named coverage provides more in-depth analysis and monitoring, EZ Cover is a great option when you need make immediate decisions based on existing grades of U.S. and Canada-based companies.

Allianz Trade’ 1-to-10 risk ratings are reliably based on multiple sources of information and crosschecked thoroughly. Your EZ Cover endorsement will specify your limit, which determines your assigned credit limit as shown to the right.

  Allianz Trade Risk Rating  
Generic Description    EZ Cover Multiplier  
1 Exceptional 2 times
2 Excellent 2 times
3 Strong 2 times
4 Good 2 times
5 Average 1 times
6 Watch 1 times
7 Substandard 1/2 times
8 High Risk 0 times
9 Uninsurable 0 times
10 Failed 0 times
EZ Cover is the simple and fast way to obtain A/R coverage for any customer not named in your Allianz Trade policy. With a straightforward endorsement and easy access through our online policy portal, EZ Cover can help you take advantage of a sales opportunity confidently with instant feedback.
Faster coverage decisions versus traditional credit procedures.
Coverage not subject to discretionary credit limit (DCL) aggregates.
Provides cost advantages compared to using traditional DCL qualifiers.
Enables simple, fast, efficient claim filing.
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