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Express Cover

Whether you’re extending credit to a new customer, concerned about trading with a previously slow payer or have just accepted a large order, Express Cover offers peace of mind by insuring your receivables.

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You’re not alone, small and medium sized business in the UK are chasing an estimated £50bn from later payers.

Here’s how Express Cover can help.
Unpaid invoices impacting your business?
or use our online chat during business hours.
Insure individual invoices or customers, when you need to and for as long as you want
Our fair pricing means you only pay for what you need, when you need it
Instant quotes, instant cover and fast claim payment within 30 days
Protecting cash flow gives you the confidence to grow your business.
Pre-vet your customers in the UK and EU before you offer credit terms
Our complete service includes looking after debt collection

Allianz Trade is the leading trade credit insurer globally, with our proprietary intelligence network analysing daily changes in corporate solvency, representing 98% of global GDP.

Easily connect your accounting system, making it even easier to configure your cover.
Select open invoices or customers to cover in the future to configure the cover you need.
Trade as normal but with the added confidence you’ll always be paid.
If you don’t get paid, simply file a claim online within 60 days of the due date.
With Allianz Trade you search for the company online to understand their risk of default. For extra certainty, simply add this new customer to your policy.
A large write-off can really hurt your business. We remove that risk, giving you peace of mind that you’ll be paid either way.
With access to our leading creditworthiness database, you’re able to track your customers’ risk of default and make informed credit control decisions.
We’re the leading global credit insurer with 55,000+ customers worldwide and branches in more than 50 countries. We have deep sector and international knowledge and are ready to support your business, whatever your plans for growth.
Prevention is always better than a cure. By using our pre-vetting tools you’ll know when the risk is high enough not to offer credit terms.
Many businesses spend a lot of time and effort working with debt collection agencies when bad debts arise. With hassle free online claims reporting you’re left with more time to run and grow your business.
The customer intelligence and protection offered by credit insurance can improve banking relationships and your access to finance.
Within Express Cover you simply select this specific invoice and you insure against non-payment. Above average sized invoices can be a threat for your cash flow if they aren’t paid.
In case your margin is very low, the negative impact of a non-payment even becomes bigger. You can insure this specific invoice via Express Cover instantly. This relaxes you since you don’t have to worry anymore for non-payment.
Sometimes covering your whole turnover isn’t the right thing for you. It can be costly and maybe you have customers or trades you don’t want to insure. In that case Express Cover provides the suitable solution. Flexible non-payment cover at your service.

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With Express Cover you’re in complete control. Select exactly which transactions you want to cover from one or more customers, or choose to cover all invoices for any of your customers.


or use our online chat during business hours.