At Allianz Trade UK, we recognise that credit risk may be a frequent topic in discussions with your customers and partners.

More so, because today’s market is very different. We are delighted to sharepresent your bespoke Trade Credit Insurance toolbox so that you are well prepared and can discuss credit risk and TCI with your clients with confidence.

From financial health checks to increased sales, TCI helps you support your clients to grow by protecting their business’ cashflow. Amid the COVID-19 situation, TCI is more important today, arguably, than at any time since the global financial crisis over a decade ago.

Take a look at this guide to find out how TCI works, the key benefits and how its protection enables businesses to plan more confidently for the future.

You have a sound knowledge of TCI and before you introduce the product to your clients, have you found the most appropriate clients to target yet? Identifying who needs TCI is crucial, not only saves time but also helps you in setting your targets strategically.

In this guide, we have provided tips that help you successfully identify who needs TCI, from the essentials, at-risk sectors, questions you can ask to get them thinking about whether they would benefit from TCI to sharing of success stories.

Discussing TCI with your clients used to be perceived as an overly complex task, but there has never been a better time to promote this solution. Take a look at this guide on how you can discuss protecting your clients business.

Don’t miss out our suggested answers in tackling the common objections raised by clients!

We have created a toolbox dedicated for you to learn more about TCI so that you are well-prepared to start a conversation with your clients with confidence. These assets include:

  • 6 reasons why we can help your clients grow
  • 8 reasons why you need to think about TCI today
  • A guide to identifying who needs TCI
  • A guide to starting a conversation with customers about TCI
  • Everything you need to know about TCI
  • Broker Sales Kit
  • An editable email template for you to promote TCI with your clients, you can easily edit and tailor to your own wordings.
Our nationwide team of Consultants welcomes the opportunity to work with you. Our experienced Credit Insurance Consultants will provide essential business support throughout the process, from your initial enquiry to the closing meeting. We are here to help you enjoy a smooth transition and simple policy administration.
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