Sustainable Development

Building a sustainable future

Allianz Trade is deeply committed to its role in the environmental transition. We are only at the beginning of a long journey towards sustainability. We will continue to adapt our organization and our day-to-day operational activities to the major trends that are shaping our world for the years to come. We are deploying all our energy and efforts to achieve our sustainability targets and contribute to fostering an ESG-focused mindset in the financial services sector.  

When we all contribute one positive action after another, together we can invest in a better tomorrow. We believe that the integration of ESG factors must take place at the core of everything we do.  


Green2Green Specialty Credit

  • Virtuous cycle: Keep banks' money green.
  • Selection of Green projects based on Allianz Trade KPIs indicators
  • 100% of the invested premium is reinjected in the green economy (green bonds or dedicated private equity partnership).
  • Full traceability of investment: Certificate of investment on a policy basis.
  • Dedicated portfolio and insurance capacity to insure green projects only.

"At Allianz Trade, it is our moral obligation to lead the conversation and actions to pursue Responsible Business and protect the well-being of our world. As a global company, we focus our minds on integrating ESG not only in our own business but we encourage others to join us. As a global citizen, we pour our hearts into supporting causes dedicated to environmental protection, health protection, social inclusion and equality & diversity."

Florence Lecoutre, Member of the Board of Management

We all have a civic duty to provide protect the well-being of the greater community.