emerging markets decoupling

Mar 23, 2023

Centrifugal emerging markets

While the global financial system remains dominated by advanced economies (and anchored to the US monetary regime), it will be increasingly shaped by faster-growing emerging market economies.
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feds banks failure

Mar 16, 2023

US bank failures—What’s next?

The health of the European banking sector has significantly improved over the last decade, mitigating potential spillover effects of SVB’s failure.
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Working capital requirements in 2022

Mar 16, 2023

Mind the gap: the USD30trn global liquidity gap is here to stay as payment behaviors likely to deteriorate in 2023

Global Working Capital Requirements for listed companies increased by +9 days to 72 days of turnover in 2022 – the largest annual increase since 2008.
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Mar 10, 2023

Inside corporate earnings

The excellent performance of 2022 is set to reverse in 2023, notably for shipping and retail.
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Mar 08, 2023

Easy come, easy go: The impact of quantitative tightening on money, credit and market plumbing in the Eurozone

The rapid unwinding of TLTRO funding will have significant consequences for both bank lending and capital markets.
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Gender pay gaps in Europe

Mar 03, 2023

#IWD: Employ and pay them more!

What to watch: Windsor Framework’s economic impact, US monetary aggregates have a message for you, the end of the great chip shortage
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biodiversity loss

Feb 28, 2023

The new risk frontier in finance: biodiversity loss

The assessments of biodiversity loss in finance are so far limited to qualitative and exposure-based metrics. This report provides a quantitative approach that measures actual impact.
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One year after Russia's invasion of Ukraine

Feb 23, 2023

Russia’s war economy

Despite Western sanctions, Russia's economy held up better than expected in 2022. However, the outlook is challenging for 2023.
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inflation drivers

Feb 21, 2023

The “five Ds” of structurally higher inflation

Five structural factors will determine the course of inflation over the longer term: decarbonization, demographics, digitalization, deglobalization and debt.
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