Allianz Global Insurance Report 2022

May 24, 2022

Allianz Global Insurance Report 2022: A decisive decade

The Ukraine war will have far-reaching consequences for the global risk landscape.
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Food inflation in the Eurozone

May 23, 2022

European food inflation: and the loser is the consumer

Food retail prices are far from reflecting the surge in food commodity prices observed over the past 18 months.
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Allianz Trade Global Insolvency Report 2022

May 18, 2022

Global Insolvency Report: Growing risks and uneven state support

The war in Ukraine and new lockdowns in China have significantly deteriorated the balance of risks for companies.
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May 16, 2022

TGIF? Allianz Survey on Job Attitudes

With labor markets turning from loose to (extremely) tight, we decided to check the pulse of workers in France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the US.
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Europe Russia gas embargo

May 11, 2022

Who should be afraid of a stop in Russian energy supply?

An immediate stop to natural gas imports from Russia would likely cause serious energy-supply disruptions for many EU member states.
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Electric vehicles sales booming in the US and Eurozone

May 10, 2022

US and European EV outlook: Driving the energy transition

The global electric vehicle market is booming: Sales more than doubled in 2021 and market share reached around 8%.
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May 04, 2022

Eurozone inflation: How bad can it get?

Inflation dynamics will hinge on energy and food price developments, which explain around two-thirds of the current surge.
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May 02, 2022

Germany’s Easter package: Great green intentions

The starting shot for Germany’s green transformation, the Easter package calls for a near tripling of electricity generation from renewables by 2030.
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France economy after elections

Apr 28, 2022

France: Turn the music off to hear the bells tolling

After an election campaign dominated by the topics of dwindling purchasing power and surging energy prices, it is now time for an economic reality check in France.
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