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credit risk

Excess of Loss: embracing customized protection

Allianz Trade’s flexible Excess of Loss product can be applied to any sector, provided the insured has strong credit management procedures.
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BNPL powered by Allianz Trade: Transforming B2B Payments in Italy

Instant Credit Terms & Secure Payment Solutions: Discover PausePay, a cutting-edge B2B payment solution developed with CashInvoice.
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Mastering the art of debt recovery around the world, part 5: your guide to debt recovery in the UK

Allianz Trade breaks down the process of debt recovery in the UK for suppliers and buyers.
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4 reasons SMEs and midcorps should choose insurers for surety bonds

4 reasons SMEs and midcorps should choose surety bonds from trusted global insurers like Allianz Trade
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Days Sales Outstanding: what is DSO and how to improve it

The Days Sales Outstanding is a key indicator for your cash flow management and credit risk. Learn how to calculate DSO and work on DSO improvement.
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The role of the customer-centric organization

Discover the four hallmarks of the new breed of customer-centricity and how companies can best leverage the seamless digital experiences it delivers.
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Mastering the art of debt recovery around the world, part 4: an expert guide to collections in France

Discover the ins and outs of collections in France and how to navigate local regulations.
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Sherlock for fraud detection: How algorithms can support manual credit analysis

The benefits of Sherlock, Allianz Trade’s buyer-fraud detection tool | Allianz Trade
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12 Ways Your Business Can Improve Cash Flow

Keeping a close eye on your cash flow is the key to growing a successful business. Allianz Trade shares 12 tips to help you improve your cash flow.
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