surety bond supports and protects the contractual obligations you have entered into with a customer, supplier or partner. It is a contractual triangle relationship between you, the surety bond company (us) and the third party requiring the bond, in which we financially guarantee to your party that you will abide by the terms established by the bond.

In the event of non-performance of the specified obligations, we are there to provide compensation for loss and damage.

These financial solutions are flexible and can be used on major projects and in different trade sectors: construction bonds, bid bonds, tender bonds, contract performance bonds, advance payment bonds, retention bonds, maintenance bonds, subcontractor bonds, legal and judicial bonds, custom bonds, tax bonds, EU bonds, court bonds, juridical bonds, legal bonds, travel bonds, pension bond, etc.

You contact us and explain your need, linked to providing security in support of a contract.
We ensure documentation is complete and make it the cornerstone of the relationship between all parties.
You provide complete information for review, and our team of underwriters shares insight and advice.
We agree on the final surety  bond facility structure and ensure it is established quickly.
If you fulfil your specified obligations, northing further happens and the bond will eventually expire.
We will investigate the claim, determine if it is valid and follow up with you on next steps.
  1. Reliability: Owned by Allianz, we’re a reliable reference for your beneficiaries thanks to our AA rating from Standard & Poor’s, accepted by corporations and banks across the globe.
  2. Liquidity: Our surety bonds are a financing alternative to bank bonds and allow you to free up liquidity and tender for contracts knowing that credit lines with your bank won’t be affected.
  3. Growth: Our bonds give you the confidence to enter new projects, and allow you to continue developing your business and trade with new clients, domestically and abroad.
  4. Personalised service: We evaluate each client on an individual basis and tailor solutions to your unique needs in order to find the optimal solution for your business.
  5. International reach: Thanks to our global insights and surety teams around the world, we support you in your global activities and international bond requirements, and provide centrally-managed surety programs to companies operating in several countries.
  6.  Experience: We are the European market leader and one of the most experienced global surety providers, with knowledge of local regulations and business practices. Every year, we provide bonding facilities worth around € 50 billion to approximately 14,800 clients.
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Whether you wish to minimize your trade credit risk or protect against business fraud, we have solutions that suit your needs.