We care for your opportunities to progress

 We want to help you to live up to your full potential, from individual development to career mobility, to lifelong learning offers for all our employees worldwide. 
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At Allianz Trade, we do believe that career growth is not only the result of vertical moves upwards. On the other hand, career growth is a combination of experiences in different directions: upwards or laterally. We see career mobility in a broad way and we consider moves to other roles, OEs or other countries, as key experiences that drive development and enable a successful career. 
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We put at disposal different tools to facilitate professional mobility, so that our employees can develop their skills and gain new experiences at any stage of their career. From cross-functional to geographical moves, any change is possible. 
At Allianz Trade, we focus on employees’ professional and personal development and provide challenging opportunities. Our strategy is to provide an ecosystem to allow to our people to develop new skills and reinforce their capabilities. 
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Each month, our employees will be able to connect one hour for their upskilling moment.

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Our people have the opportunity to upgrade their skills or discover the competences needed in other jobs at Allianz Trade.
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This leadership training initiative is the largest ever undertaken by the company, and its aim is to help our people acquire a common set of technical, behavioural and emotional skills.
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The SHIFT, it is a development program to nurture 16 leaders and foster future talent. The program is designed as a learning journey, where the participants forms a learning and development community, fostering collaboration, trust, empowerment, and team/community development .
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A new initiative called A moment for Us, designed exclusively for women to unlock their potential in their professional and personal development. The sessions will be structured following a leadership model called Centered Leadership.