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Our inclusive and diverse teams are always ready to welcome new innovative minds.
Upskilling our employees and preparing them for the digital era has always been one of our top priorities. At Allianz Trade, we urge learning to be self-driven, useful, interesting and accessible. This is part of our Lifelong learning culture. We offer various development possibilities, from training to on-the-job learning methods. Besides the access to state-of-the-art learning providers like LinkedIn Learning, Percipio, Udemy, Coursera, edX, our employees can benefit from mentoring, job swap, job shadowing, coaching programs, take part in international assignments or make a professional mobility at any stage of their career. 
Unlimited learning content to discover
Opportunities to learn from colleagues and grow together
International and cross-functional projects and assignments       
We put at disposal different tools to facilitate professional mobility, so that our employees can develop their skills and gain new experiences at any stage of their career. From cross-functional to geographical moves, any change is possible. 
Take a look inside some of our key workspaces and discover what it might be like to work in one of our teams. See our break out areas, meeting rooms and, of course, where our ideas and innovations come to life.