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How credit insurance supports business growth of Bellandi

Discover how Allianz Trade empowers Bellandi s.p.a, a renowned textile manufacturer from Tuscany, Italy, known for revolutionizing the textile industry through innovation and chose Allianz Trade as partner. Experience our customer centric approach and essence of dedication and resilience in expanding while catering to needs for success.
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Credit insurance helps Swedish metal recycling company run a sustainable business

Learn how trade credit insurance empowers Stena Metal, a Swedish metal recycling company, to run a sustainable business in a high-risk industry. With stability and security, credit insurance ensures creditworthiness, secures margins, and enables long-term partnerships.
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Credit insurance helps Finnish sawmill group take root in new markets

Discover how Allianz Trade credit insurance empowers FM Timber, a Finnish sawmill group, to expand into new markets with confidence. Hear how their CEO explains our commitment and innovation in delivering the insights and solutions they need for success.
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How Nor Seafoods works with trade credit insurance

Nor Seafoods is a leading whitefish exporter. For the company’s growth and expansion into new markets they have chosen Allianz Trade as their partner. Experience how their CEO describes our services in solving your business challenges.
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OroCommerce & Allianz Trade partner to provide powerful B2B e-commerce solution

Orocommerce and Allianz Trade have partnered to provide a powerful B2B e-commerce solution with integrated e-commerce credit insurance.
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Using artificial intelligence to enrich customer experience

Discover how the combination of powerful technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and support from our experts leads to enriched customer experience.
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Sharing our recipe for customer service excellence

Discover our customer service stars who give an insight into the customer-first mindset we’ve cultivated at Allianz Trade, which empowers all of our colleagues to go the extra mile when solving the challenges that keep our clients awake at night.
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We’re embedding customer experience into the heart of our business

At Allianz Trade, our teams are constantly analysing market trends and looking for ways to innovate our channels so we go the extra mile to deliver the information and insight you need as fast and efficiently as possible.
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How BRF leverages trade credit insurance for growth

Discover how BRF, the world’s largest poultry exporter, partnered with ICBA and Allianz Trade to use trade credit insurance as a platform for growth.
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