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Aurige uses Allianz Trade's surety bonds and guarantees to secure new contracts

Find out how Aurige, the French leader in the renovation of heritage real estate and listed monuments, uses Allianz Trade's surety bonds to secure their business and develop new international markets
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How UBY uses Allianz Trade’s credit insurance to develop their export activity

UBY is a family-owned vineyard in the South-western French town of Gers. To develop its export activity, the vineyard has chosen Allianz Trade credit insurance.
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How Axtom uses Allianz Trade’s surety bonds and guarantees to power their growth

Axtom has business lines in commercial real estate and provides business development consulting for local authorities and companies. With a triple-digit growth rate in 2022, the company is looking to continue on this trajectory. Axtom has decided to call on Allianz Trade to issue its bonds and guarantees.
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How Balmain uses trade credit insurance to protect its receivables

Discover why Balmain, a French fashion couture brand founded in 1945, chose our services to protect its receivables as part of its B2B operations.
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Beirholm and Trade Credit Insurance: Customer Story

Discover how trade credit insurance ensures that Beirholm – a Danish company in the textile sector – and its customers don’t get into financial trouble.
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Why Elcimaï chose us as their guarantor

Discover why this French-based SME decided to choose us as their guarantor to support their business development and real estate projects.
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How trade credit insurance is helping Oilmar grow faster

For this Dubai-based shipping company operating worldwide, trade credit insurance is more than protection; it’s a real growth accelerator.
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PolyQuest: investing in the future thanks to trade credit insurance

Discover how trade credit insurance helps PolyQuest’s protect its bottom line with fast coverage and financial insights into its customers.
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How Andritz uses trade credit insurance to promote a greener environment and economy

Discover how Andritz and BPL Global leveraged the Green2Green Single Risk solution to create a virtuous green cycle.
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