Buy now pay later for B2B e-merchants with Allianz Trade pay

Allianz Trade pay

Allianz Trade pay is a payment solution dedicated to B2B e-commerce activities, including

  • a trade credit insurance protection,
  • an online fraud risk management and mitigation module,
  • a digital buyer onboarding solution and
  • instant financing solution through one of our financial institution partners.

With our e-commerce credit insurance, we already offer real time coverage against non-payment risks to B2B marketplaces, BNPL providers and e-merchants. Now, we are going further to support more efficiently the B2B ecosystem. Allianz Trade pay protects B2B e-merchants from the risk of customer insolvency, fraud attempts, or the inability to pay.

Allianz Trade pay brings together a variety of innovative solutions that can be combined to suit your needs so it seamlessly fits with your operations and effectively support your B2B e-commerce needs: 
Our API-based solution enables real-time customer credit online, enabling B2B e-merchants to grant payment terms to their buyers while being protected from the risk of non-payment, thus ensuring seamless transactions, fostering trust in business relationships, and enhancing overall financial security.
When a buyer purchases online, the e-merchant receives immediate payment for the purchase, while the BNPL provider will chase the payment of the buyer. In case non-payment, Allianz Trade provides the insurance cover to the partner thanks to the e-commerce credit insurance. No matter the country or the currency.
This service supports policy holders in their KYB process by providing APIs to check the identity of the buyer through open-banking technologies & checking company information in Allianz Trade’s large and deep database, which contains financial, commercial & strategic information on +83 million companies worldwide.
This module embedded in our e-commerce credit insurance provides e-merchants with more security by protecting their business against financial losses caused by identity theft by fraudulent parties impersonating legit companies.
The Allianz Trade pay solutions are easy to set up through with Content Management Systems (CMS) plugin. This plugin directly integrates the Allianz Trade pay solutions into the webshop without API custom integration
Evolving B2B purchasing patterns fuelled by the efficiencies of online selling are driving a B2B BNPL revolution, with Allianz Trade and our partners at the forefront of this shift.
annual compound growth forecast for B2B online sales this decade 1
of mid-large businesses’ sales
are now online 2
to 40% more spend on average with flexible payment options 3


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