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Surety Bond Solutions

Check out how insurance-backed surety bonds can support your business in winning projects – also if your company is an SME.
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Paths to growth and trends to watch in surety

There’s a lot going on in global trade at the moment and in surety. From new challenges and opportunities to technological innovation, the role of surety in securing large-scale projects and transactions is clear.
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great place to work

We Care for Tomorrow: our promise to make Allianz Trade a Great Place to Work

At Allianz Trade, we are dedicated to growth and development, so every employee can be engaged, actor of our success and passionate about what they do.
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Customer scoring: Definition, examples, and the steps involved

By scoring your clients on criteria such as creditworthiness and repeat orders, your business can make confident, fast decisions about who to deal with and on what terms
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What are online deferred payment options – and how do they work?

By offering B2B customers a facility to pay for online purchases at a later date, your business can grow sales, protect cash flow, and build customer loyalty. Here’s how.
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What is B2B BNPL?

Buy Now, Pay Later financing is expanding beyond consumer e-commerce into B2B. See how your company can embrace B2B BNPL to boost revenues – without risking its cash flow
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Buy Now, Pay Later: 6 big differences between B2C and B2B BNPL

Though based on the same concept, business implementations of Buy Now, Pay Later are very different from the ones that have taken the consumer retail market by storm.
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save the children

Protecting life-saving funds with Save the Children

Allianz Trade renews and enhances its insurance support to Save the Children to protect life-saving funds for children.
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The path forward for e-bonds in North American surety

Explore the benefits and challenges of shifting the North American surety market to e-bonds.
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