Feb 28, 2024

Global Insolvency Outlook: Reality check

As expected, 2023 recorded a high-speed and broad-based rebound in business insolvencies and 2024 started with insolvencies above pre-pandemic levels in most advanced economies.
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What to watch 23 February 2024

Feb 22, 2024

What to watch 22 February 2024

Two years on from the outbreak of war in Ukraine, we look at the impact on the Russian economy, Europe, markets and energy.
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What to watch 15 February

Feb 16, 2024

What to Watch 16 February 2024

Indonesia’s economy after the elections, a tale of two consumers in the US and UK and Türkiye’s economic rebalancing
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Feb 14, 2024

European labor markets: Migration matters

Between 100 000 and 400 000 migrants per country per year may be needed to grow.
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Feb 08, 2024

What to Watch 08 February 2024

EM currencies at risk, destocking weighs on growth, narrower equity markets everywhere and the EU’s new climate target.
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Feb 07, 2024

China: keeping the dragon awake

With its real estate and foreign investment engines sputtering, China desperately needs new drivers of growth.
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Feb 02, 2024

What to Watch 02 February 2024

European farmers unite in unrest, industrial policy déjà vu in Brazil and ECOWAS put to the test
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Jan 31, 2024

Country Risk Atlas 2024: Assessing non-payment risk in major economies

The Country Risk Atlas provides comprehensive insights on the economic, political and business environment and sustainability factors that influence non-payment risk for companies in 84 economies.
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Jan 26, 2024

What to Watch 26 January 2024

An early pivot for the Fed would be costly, inventory glut to reduce Red Sea bullwhip effects, and the Eurozone getting its very own soft landing
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