E-Commerce Credit Insurance

The E-Commerce Credit Insurance solution for B2B emerchants

E-Commerce Credit Insurance is a trade credit insurance solution that gives B2B emerchants the ability to offer credit terms on their platform in real time while protecting their transactions from the risk of customer non-payment.

A radical shift to ebusiness is ongoing as B2B customers prefer to search online and consider buying from a website more convenient than in person as they can do it wherever they are and whenever they want.

At the same time, only a small fraction of sellers are able to provide different payment solutions, most relying on credit card payment. This leads to a majority of B2B customers abandoning their baskets and constitutes an important waste of opportunity. Sellers that are providing better payment conditions observe that businesses purchasing on flexible payment terms spend on average more and more often.

E-Commerce Credit Insurance helps you increase your turnover by offering deferred payments terms to your customers with complete peace of mind, confident that your transactions are secured.

Our solution is easy to manage and quick to set up:

  • Setup is simple using our API connector and comprehensive developer portal.
  • Real-time underwriting decisions and the ability to request higher limits when needed
  • Claims can be filed directly using the API.

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By offering your customers to pay later, you give yourself the opportunity to increase the value of your average basket, acquire
new customers and maximise your growth.
Your transactions are covered in real time and your customers’ journey remains simple and 100% digital thanks to the automation of our solution. If a guaranteed invoice is not paid when due, you are compensated.
Allianz Trade is the world leader in trade credit insurance. We are the first to offer you insurance against unpaid invoices in real time via a REST API.
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