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The autonomous function responsible for managing complaints is ensured through the Complaints Management System, which handles complaints received through the different contact points made available for this purpose, including those made through the Complaints Books.

Complaint Management System

COSEC – Companhia de Seguro de Créditos, SA

Av. da Liberdade, 249 - 6th floor - 1250-143, Lisbon

Complaints book

In accordance with current legislation, complaints can also be submitted through the Electronic Complaints Book.

To make it possible to reassess complaints that have previously been presented to you, we have appointed Dr. José Limón Cavaco as Client Ombudsman.

Client Ombudsman contacts

Edifício Amoreiras Square
Rua Carlos Alberto da Mota Pinto nº 17 3º B 1070-313 Lisbon
Tel.: +351 21 312 15 50 | Fax: +351 21 312 15 51 | Email:

Complaints presented by customers are considered eligible for consideration by the Customer Ombudsman for which: (i) no response was given by our company within the period defined for that purpose, or (ii) a response was given within that period, the complainant disagrees with its meaning; and (iii) no judicial or arbitration proceedings have been initiated.

See bellow information on the management of complaints by the Client  Ombudsman and the applicable Regulations.

Recommendations from the Client Ombudsman (there are currently no recommendations).

The ASF only considers complaints that are not pending in other instances and to which our Company has not responded within the deadlines set for that purpose, within the scope of the Complaints Management System, or when, having given a response, the complainant disagrees with its meaning.

Complaints to the ASF are preferably submitted by filling out a form available on the ASF Consumer Portal.

They can also be presented directly, at Av. da República, n.º 76 1600-205 Lisbon.

The handling of complaints carried out by our Company does not prejudice the right to appeal to the courts.
The Treatment Policy defines the principles and bases on which the company's relationship with its clients is based and implements the vision and values ​​that must be reflected in the behavior of all its Employees, including Employees of the distribution channels used and of all those who, on behalf of the company, provide services to its clients or enter relationships with risky entities.

Our conduct is based on the trust that our customers, shareholders, employees, and other partners have in our performance and integrity. This trust depends essentially on the behavior of employees and members of its governing bodies and their willingness to jointly create value for their customers, shareholders, and the company itself.

In this context, the Company has approved a Code of Conduct that enshrines the principles and rules by which all its employees govern their activity.