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From Italy to Dubai to Singapore: a career in the life of Domenico Lup

Domenico Lup tells how mobility broadened his horizons not just in terms of responsibility but also in discovering entirely new geographic regions of the world.
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Paris, Shanghai, and whatever comes next: exploring the world with Allianz Trade

From Shanghai to Paris and back again: Edwin Gao returns to APAC region to pursue his Surety career.
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Yannick Van Eynde on creating solutions, building relationships, and driving growth

Surety is first and foremost about building relationships and trust. Yannick shares with us his tips on creating solutions, building relationships, and driving growth.
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Prague post offers an “unforgettable” experience

Joost Van Os rediscovers his love of travel through job mobility
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Going abroad: a journey outside your comfort zone

Shan Aboo shares with us how a geographic mobility can benefit you both professionally and personally
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Careers in surety: a recipe for novelty and change

Yasmine Zerradi shares us how surety success relies on strong communication skills
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