From Euler Hermes to Allianz Trade: rebranding as a catalyst for growth

March 28, 2023

When considering any big project that has significant cost, time and effort implications, there’s always the lingering question: will it be worth the risk?  In the case of our rebranding from Euler Hermes to Allianz Trade in 2022, I think we can confidently say yes.

As Global Chief Marketing Officer at Allianz Trade, I’ve seen how this move has brought great benefits for us as a company and, most importantly, for our customers.

As Euler Hermes, we made great strides in growing our business through expanding into new markets, forming new partnerships, and launching new business lines and ambitious strategic plans. We recognized, however, that fully embracing our status as a member of the Allianz Group was the key to realizing our full potential. Rebranding as Allianz Trade would enable us to capitalize on the Group’s size, recognition, and ambition, leveraging its power to grow our portfolio and improve our services.

When embarking on this journey, we were mindful of potential challenges. One of these was ensuring that our clients would continue to trust that we could deliver on our brand promise: Confidence in Tomorrow.

Euler Hermes’s unique history and identity were rooted in a commitment to outstanding customer experience, expert account management and personalized, tailored solutions. While we could see the benefits of our evolution, some stakeholders – both internal and external – were initially concerned that it would cause a fundamental shift in how we operated.

Fortunately, we had already factored this into our rebranding strategy. It was essential for us that we preserved these core, defining elements of our brand. Our clients are the people who make our business, and a focus on positive customer experience is integral to that – that remains unchanged. In fact, the combination of our values and the Allianz Group reach and reputation has made it even stronger.

Rebranding to Allianz Trade has opened the door to new opportunities, enabling us to both expand the reach of, and go beyond the traditional trade credit insurance offer. For example, it accelerated partnerships that were already underway, particularly with banks and fintech companies. Thanks to this, we now have a growing footprint in the e-commerce space, which, as B2B trade moves online, is crucial for our customers.

It also facilitated expansion into new markets. In Asia and the US, for example, Euler Hermes was not well known. Allianz, on the other hand, has a more global name that reassures both customers and prospects of our extensive footprint. And not only that, being the world’s number one insurer has helped attract talented job candidates. Our network of employees and external partners is growing, helping us to expand our portfolio and deliver products more effectively.   

The power of the Allianz brand really can’t be underestimated. Already strong, it has massive ambition for development, evidenced by its partnership with the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Movements. We’re thrilled to be a part of the Allianz family supporting the Movements, and to build on the values – support, resilience, excellence – behind them.

Our rebranding to Allianz Trade has been transformative, igniting a new era of growth and collaboration for our business. Above all, it has reinforced our dedication to a strong brand and outstanding customer service and experience as the fuel that powers our success.

As we chart our future under the Allianz brand, we are opening a new chapter with boldness and confidence, poised to drive innovation and deliver unparalleled services to our clients. And I personally am looking back at the developments over the last year with great pride and appreciation.

Caroline Hirtzberger

Global Chief Marketing Officer
Allianz Trade