Turn the stream of challenges to global trade in 2024 into export success

An array of global and local economic and geopolitical challenges may have slowed international trade in recent years. But the latest Allianz Trade Global Survey shows elevated optimism, with around 80% of executives foreseeing business revenue from exports increasing during 2024. Their input to the survey also suggests some valuable insight into ways the risks could be mitigated. 

Find the five tips in the export guide where you will receive useful tips on:

  • Redrawing your export map
  • Protecting your cash flow from insolvencies
  • Reconfiguring your supply chain 
  • Investing in innovation  
  • Staying updated on government support 

If you’re a current or future exporter looking to steer your company through the trade challenges and towards export success, this guide is for you. 

global trade survey guide mockup
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