The rolling wave of economic shocks from the pandemic and supply chain disruptions to the energy crisis, higher inflation, and the war in Ukraine have injected a new realism into the export strategies of companies around the world. But the latest Allianz Trade Global Survey for 2023 shows there’s still plenty of ambition among companies around the world for international expansion.

What signals of opportunities and challenges should your business pay attention to in relation to your international expansion? And how do they implement these findings into their export plans?

Find out by downloading the Export Toolkit which suggests different strategies and hands-on tips to businesses ready for global exports.

To guide your organization on how to succeed in foreign markets and at the same time mitigate risks, we’ve created an Export Toolkit including:

  1.  How to succeed in foreign markets: tips to build your export plan
  2. Smart strategies for mitigating risk in a volatile global trading environment
  3. Tips & Resources

Anticipate and assess risks, stay one step ahead of the competition and know where to look for hands-on tips and resources, when your business is ready for the next export phase.

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