tailored surety solutions

Tailored surety solutions help multinational companies grow with confidence

May 16, 2023

The surety market is booming. Valued at approximately $16 billion today, it’s predicted to increase to $25 billion by 2027. The growing demand for surety bonds across a range of industries – including construction, infrastructure and manufacturing – is one of the main factors driving the global surety market. In addition, we have seen a shift of working capital solutions away from banks. Companies looking to expand are searching for an alternative that offers financial flexibility, security and frees up cash facilities – and insurers that issue surety bonds provide just that.

For multinational companies (MNCs) in particular, surety is a crucial financial tool to mitigate risk and secure new business in all the markets in which they operate. But for that, they need a provider that can match their global footprint.

MNCs, as large corporations with a global presence, require surety bonds across multiple countries, from their head office to subsidiaries worldwide. This means that they need to account for several different local regulations and market conditions, and the complexities of cross-border international trade. By working with a partner with both local knowledge and global expertise, they can navigate the most challenging scenarios and set themselves up for success. 

When it comes to surety, Allianz Trade has a lot to offer. And for MNCs in particular, our dedicated team is on hand to provide tailored solutions and strategies. So, what does that look like in practice?

·         A vast footprint

We have over 25 Allianz Trade business units in Europe, Asia Pacific, North and Latin America offering surety solutions, enabling us to leverage our global value proposition. Imagine, for example, that we are working with an international business’s French team to fulfil a local surety need for a project in France – but we know that they are also doing business abroad. In this scenario, we can ask them which countries they are active in, and how we can help. And say that they require surety bonds to be issued in the US and Germany? Well, we can do that through our offices over there.

·         A large product offering

We provide the full range of surety bonds required by contractors, including bid, performance, payment, supply and maintenance bonds. In addition, we offer a variety of commercial bonds such as court bonds, license and permit bonds, deductible bonds, tax bonds, customs bonds and numerous other (SBLC replacement) bonds.

·         A huge network of partners

We offer large surety facilities to our MNC clients via our local, centralized and international master facility agreements. Our large network also enables us to team up with other parties and provide a broad range of tailored solutions, including co-surety, bank participation and fronting.

We provide syndicated facility solutions, either as participants or acting as an agent of the syndicated facility. Through these partnerships, we can offer significant surety capacity to our multinational clients.

·         An international client portfolio

Large companies, particularly in the infrastructure and construction spaces, often join forces to tender for projects. In many cases, we already work with both partners in the joint venture. As such, we are able to offer 100% of the surety provision.

In a recent example, an Italian client was tendering on a project in Norway. The other partner was a Norwegian company that also happened to be our client. That meant that we could fulfill the entire surety requirements on behalf of the joint venture without having to establish any new structures. 

Allianz Trade is uniquely positioned to support multinational companies seeking a reliable surety partner with global reach and local expertise. With a consistently strong AA rating (Very strong from Standard & Poor’s) and widespread acceptance globally, our team of experts is equipped to help clients seize new opportunities and expand their horizons. From joint ventures, tailor made syndicated facilities to customized surety bonds, we bring companies together and build the structures they need to succeed. 

At Allianz Trade, we’re not just a surety partner – we’re a strategic partner for multinational companies.

Shaneen Dixon

Global Head of International Accounts – Surety

Allianz Trade

Chris Markesteijn

Regional Head of Surety, Asia Pacific (formerly Head of Multinationals Global Surety)

Allianz Trade