Contact our customer service teams and you’ll enjoy immediate access to some of the brightest and most experienced brains in the business. But expertise is just part of the equation. Our recipe for success also includes a carefully nurtured culture that ensures customer-centricity is always our prime focus. 

Here a selection of our customer service stars give an insight into the customer-first mindset we’ve cultivated at Allianz Trade, which empowers all of our colleagues to go the extra mile when solving the challenges that keep our clients awake at night.

Katja Carstens
Senior Customer Service & Risk Specialist 
Allianz Trade, Hamburg

With more than a decade of experience in online support, Katja uses her wealth of business expertise to solve even the toughest customer questions across a wide range of topics with a smile. 

Katja does not work alone in her pursuit of customer service excellence, however. Like all our customer service colleagues, she is empowered to collaborate across functions including risk, commercial underwriting, policy management, claims, and organisation and change teams so that she and her colleagues can craft the perfect solutions to customer queries

She says: “In such cases, Allianz Trade colleagues are encouraged to collaborate cross-functionally to resolve issues quickly. I leverage our internal Allianz Trade organisation and seek support from other areas to identify the root cause of the problems and swiftly find a solution. Through this close collaboration we can deliver exceptional customer service and ensure customer satisfaction.

“Our customers are often pleasantly surprised by the ease with which they can access our expertise and how quickly we can assist them. This positive experience sets us apart from other customer service centres.”

What’s the secret of Katja’s customer service success? She says it’s because she can be a demanding customer herself, with high standards and expectations when it comes to having her own questions answered. 

“I appreciate it when my question is not only understood but also answered correctly, comprehensively and in a friendly manner. I want to meet this standard every time I deal with a customer.”

Simone Rizzari
Customer Line Account Advisor
Allianz Trade, Manchester

Allianz Trade is a company of customer advocates, and Simone, a member of our Customer Line contact centre team, shows how it’s done.

Like all of our customer service team members, he has championed the cause of our clients on multiple occasions, found bespoke solutions and then proactively reached out to customers to share the good news.

“On one occasion I was contacted by a client who had received a withdrawal on three companies within the same group for a total of £250,000 cover,” Simone explains.

“The client was clearly unhappy, but said they’d been in discussions with the risk underwriters and credit analysts, who believed they had a sound rationale for the withdrawal.”

“These credit limits were incredibly important to the client, so I personally reviewed all the information and discussed the query with the credit analysts. There was a reappraisal and the £250,000 cover across the three companies was reinstated.”

“Needless to say, on occasions like these our clients are always extremely grateful for the time and effort we spend on their case and for resolving what is a serious issue for their company.”

Simone says he’s incredibly proud of the outstanding feedback he has received for his customer advocacy work. He’s also proud that clients ask to speak to him directly, because this shows they appreciate the fact that he is willing to go the extra mile to ensure his clients can trade safely.

Katharina Burger
Account Underwriter SME
Allianz Trade, Frankfurt

With more than a decade of service across multiple business lines, Katharina Burger, Account Underwriter SME, exemplifies the level of expertise our customers access when they contact Allianz Trade.

Having served in our Sales Support and Corporate Advantage teams before becoming an underwriter, Katharina reveals her secret to exemplary customer service. “At Allianz Trade we treat our clients the way we would like to be treated,” she says. “We strive to be empathetic and service-orientated while keeping our clients’ economic goals in mind.”

While Katharina’s blueprint for customer satisfaction sounds disarmingly simple, in reality she and her colleagues possess a high level of professional expertise, enabling them to swiftly understand client challenges from their perspective, gather the necessary information, formulate a solution and successfully implement that solution. Katharina has demonstrated time and time again that she can keep her clients fully informed during this process.

Despite this impressive skill set, Katharina remains refreshingly modest about her abilities. She says: “I recently received an email from a policyholder that said: ‘Working with you makes doing business with Allianz Trade very enjoyable.’ ”

“What did I do? Not much. I promptly attended to their needs, took care of their concerns and prioritised service orientation. Not much, really!”

Katharina says our clients can access a wealth of expertise with the minimum of fuss. “Simply send an email or make a call. I personally respond to emails within 24 hours and make sure to return calls by the next morning at the very latest.”

“Some of my policyholders are genuinely surprised by the quick service we deliver, especially new customers. Existing customers, of course, are already familiar with our level of service!”

Nicole Zloch
Senior Account Underwriter
Allianz Trade, Frankfurt

When our customers contact us, they immediately access experts with deep sector experience. Nicole Zloch is a prime example of the customer service experts we nurture. A bank economist and graduate of the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Nicole has worked for Allianz Trade for more than two decades, accumulating a formidable wealth of sector experience along the way. 

While working across a rich tapestry of roles, one important aspect of our customer service colleagues remains constant – the need for customer-centricity. “Throughout my career, Allianz Trade has always helped me maintain focus on customer management and direct customer interaction,” Nicole says.

For the past five years, Nicole has been a Senior Account Underwriter in the customer service team, managing her own client portfolio of specialist brokers.

“At Allianz Trade we recognise that every customer inquiry is unique and cannot be addressed in a cookie-cutter manner. Each customer has their own perspective and wants us to listen and understand them.”

“Our customers don’t call unless they have a problem, so it's important they know we will prioritise their query. A promised call-back on the same day will also be honoured. Even though my current customers are brokers, their expectations are higher. And the more complex the situation, the more it excites me to find a solution!”

Nicole explains that this focus on customer-centricity is key to both customer satisfaction and repeat business. “Specialised brokers expect prompt and direct responses, and if we can provide them, they will come back to us,” she says. 

“Reliability is key in customer interactions. Helpfulness, punctuality and reliability have always been my top priorities. These qualities are highly valued at Allianz Trade, and I take pride in being part of a team that is the face of the company for our customers and brokers.”

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