Arcoplex trade credit insurance

Trade credit insurance: an essential tool for Arcoplex since 2013

15 January 2021

Arcoplex is an Italian company leader in the distribution and trading of plastics, pulverisation, masterbatch and compound production, and has been a customer of Allianz Trade in Italy since 2013.

At that time, the CEO Giacomo Scanzi was seeking the right initiatives to promote innovation and change in the company’s culture. Trade credit insurance became an essential part of the organisation: they started to change the way they interacted with their clients and began to address the market in a more “relation-oriented” way.

We interviewed Giacomo Scanzi, CEO of Arcoplex, to understand his vision and how trade credit insurance from Allianz Trade contributes to supporting his strategy for the future.

When the pandemic started, our employees immediately started remote working as soon as possible. Other workers – involved in vital activities for our goods production – were allowed to come and work safely distanced from one another.

We’re hoping for and counting on a solid future, which will bring back business opportunities and serenity. So far, the recovery has been rather slow and this is due to the fact that there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding future demand. Therefore, the orders we’ve been receiving lately are influenced by this uncertainty.

Concretely, we sought to create a relationship with our clients by both sitting at the same table. Additionally, Allianz Trade's risk analysts provided their analysis of the situation in a productive and constructive way, helping us understand and evaluate different business scenarios.

We plan to continue working in this constructive way: Arcoplex, the clients and Allianz Trade working all together. Thanks to our relation with Allianz Trade, we feel safer and supported.

We told Allianz Trade that we wanted to grow, and that our business culture needed to grow as well. Most importantly, the generational transition process that I started with my son and daughter had to be guided by the right supporting tools.

Trade credit insurance has become the most important tool thanks to which our company has a clear relation with its clients, where we can talk to them and explain them what our common opportunities to do business are.

We are prepared as we have worked for many years side by side with Allianz Trade to be able to overcome these hardships.

Allianz Trade helped us to work even more closely with our customers. As many companies are facing strong difficulties and liquidity problems during the Covid-19 crisis, we are working to ensure a solid cash flow and credit management for Arcoplex that will also benefit all of our clients worldwide.

Arcoplex obtained encouraging results in terms of percentage of insolvent clients during the first trimester of 2020 and Allianz Trade will continue to support them in their growth path.

Now more than ever, as many companies are facing strong difficulties and liquidity problems, the role of trade credit insurance is crucial for them to face the challenging period of the Covid-19 crisis as well as ensuring a solid cash flow and credit management.

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