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Imagine you are a credit manager at a car parts company in Germany. You export to Brazil, France or China. What would make your business grow? You want to know how your payment terms compare to your competitors’ and be able to match them safely. What would make your risk management better? To know when non-payments arise to be able to adjust your conditions accordingly.

Enter Mind Your Receivables. This newest web app from Euler Hermes which makes credit risk professionals visualize key insights about DSOs, past-dues, non-payment and insolvency risks across countries and sectors and over time.


The app provides indicators critical for businesses, plus a wide range of interactive charts for easier benchmarking and reporting. 

The ABC of Mind Your Receivables:

• Access Euler Hermes expert intelligence, based on millions of data points;

• Benchmark yourself against actors in your sectors to trade safely across the globe; 

• Customize and download data insights across sectors, regions, countries – and time.

All you need to access it is fill out a simple, first-time sign-in process. 

You are a click away from smart business insights about your markets. Credit Insurance Brokers voted Mind your Receivables the “Best Digital App” at the first Euler Hermes Global Brokers Event.

So go out there, win new contracts and grow. We got your back.


Ludovic Subran 

Chief Economist 

Euler Hermes 

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